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Poverty Elevation



1997 was the golden Jubilee year of India’s freedom. This year the government of India launched a community based programme for upliftment and development of urban poor. Styled as SJSRY i.e. Swarna Jayanti Sahari Rozgar Yojana. This project is funded on a 75:25 basis between Central and State. The SJSRY consists of two special scheme. One is Urban Self Employment Programme (USPP) and other is Urban Wage Employment Programme(UWEP). The SJSRY rest on a foundation of Community Empowerment. Rather than relying on the traditional method of top down implementation. This programme rely on establishing and promoting community organization and structures for local development. Towards this end the Bankura Municipality has set up three tire community structures like NHGs (Neighborhood groups), N.H.C.s (Neighborhood Committees) and CDSs (Community Development Societies). The Bankura Municipality has set up 4 nos. Community development Societies which are duly registered under the Societies Registration Act.
CDS.          Ward No.    
CDS No.1 1,3,4,5,18,19&,23    
CDS No 2 2,6,7,8,9&20    
CDS No 3 10,11,12,17&,21    
CDS No.4 13,14,15,16 &22  
Total no. of Thrift & Credit groups formed as on 30th. Nov.2010. Ward wise statement as follows.
Community Development Society  Bankura Municipality


 Community Development Society, Bankura Municipality
                    Total TCG                    Total Member                      Monthly Sevings                    Bank  Loan                    Lone Recovary                    Bank Balance                    Revolving Fund 
                  CDS NO-1                    88                    1632                    1339469.00                    1442318.00                    1046767.00                    520090.00                     1010000.00 
                   CDS NO-2                   59                    1552                    1043459.00                    1725859.00                    519500.00                     655684.00                     915000.00 
                  CDS NO-3                    74                    998                   1440928.00                    1675448.00                    1021401.00                    691875.00                    972000.00 
                  CDS NO-04                    73                    996                   996406.00                    2195903.00                    1271242.00                    1285797.00                    1421000.00 
                  Total                    294                    5178                   4820262.00                    7039528.00                    3858910.00                    3153446.00                    4318000.00 


Bankura Municipality has formed Urban Poverty Eradication Cell headed by the Chairperson. Beside this following are the main functionaries for implementation of the programme.

Sl. No. Name Designation    
1 Rekha Das Rajak CIC, Councillor in Charge of UPE cell 
2 Mr. Tapan Kr. Pal Executive Officer, Ex Officio member Secretary    
 3 Mr. santosh Bhattacharyay Town Project Officer
 4 Mrs. Runu Gorai Community Organizer, CDS 1 
 5  Mrs. Mitali Das Modak Community Organizer, CDS 2
 6  Miss. Shelly Begum Community Organizer, CDS 3
7 Miss Chandana Singha Community Organizer, CDS 4

Community Structure under SJSRY
Total No. of CDS ————————— 4
Total No. of NHC ————————– 36
Total No. of NHG ————————– 360
No. of Thrift & Credit Group (TCG) —— 360
No. of SHG ———————————- nil
No. of DWCUA formed ——————– 3